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Discover G2B Company's unparalleled expertise in transforming challenging landscapes into robust, lasting structures.


Solid Foundations: Trusted Experience, Proven Results

Rely on G2B Company's trusted expertise and proven track record to provide solid, lasting solutions for all your construction and geotechnical needs.


Decades of Expertise:

With over 40 years in the industry, G2B Company's longstanding experience signifies their deep expertise and consistent quality in complex construction projects.


Specialized Skills and Proven Success:

G2B's focus on innovative techniques like structural shotcrete and soil nailing, combined with a track record of significant infrastructure projects, highlights their capability to deliver high-quality, efficient solutions.


Better Experience.

G2B Company, Inc. has been providing concrete construction and Geotechnical solutions for over 40 years to residential, commercial, County, State, and Federal projects.


Better Support.

G2B Company provides expertise in structural shotcrete, soil nailing / tiebacks, soil stabilization, structural support, and ground treatment solutions that turn sand, gravel, and soil into rock.


Comprehensive Solutions: Our Range of Expert Services

Structural Shotcrete

A versatile and efficient method for concrete construction and repairs in various projects.

Soil Nailing/Tiebacks

Efficient soil stabilization and retaining wall techniques for unstable slopes and reduced excavation.

Soil Stabilization

Enhancing and solidifying ground conditions to support construction projects.

Structural Support

Providing foundational and structural reinforcement for a variety of construction projects.

Ground Treatment Solutions

Techniques to convert unstable soil into solid rock, ensuring a stable base for construction.


Techniques to convert unstable soil into solid rock, ensuring a stable base for construction.

Meet Our Team

Dan Turner

Tim Hadjes

Matt Rigby

Veterans Affairs

Medical Center

National Ecological Observatory Network

Idaho Transportation Department



Idaho Press Tribune,

Nampa, ID

Installed 65 micropiles inside building in preparation for footings to support a new state of the art printing press


Architecture Style

Submitted engineering design, drilled in 7 rock anchors, and performed extensive pull out testing for this project that were self performed.

Garrity IC Bridge Project,

Nampa, ID

Installed temporary anchors to underpin and shore up four bridge abutments on both the east and west bound lanes on this bridge replacement project.

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