The Shotcrete process is truly one of the most versatile processes available for the use of concrete in both new construction and repairs. Shotcrete can be used in almost any concrete project and typically results in a significant savings of time and money.

Shotcrete can be used in many applications including shoring, structural walls versus single form CIP, canals, silage pits, water containment barriers, slope stabilization, and underground structures. It can be finished to look like natural or hewn rock, as well as stone that blends with the natural surroundings

Our Shotcrete Jobs

Meridian Rd. Bridge, I-84 Ten Mile to Meridian IC Interchange Reconstruction. Meridian, ID

Installed 64 grouted soil nail anchors (20’ to 30’ long, epoxy coated 75 ksi # 8 threaded anchor bars) in conjunction with a shotcrete reinforced shoring system, using a top down construction method. This wall was shotcreted and cut with an architectural hand tooled/textured finish. (8” thick x 18’ tall structural wall with 3,000 sq. ft. of architectural shotcrete).

We also installed 10 micropiles to underpin the south bridge abutment prior to beginning the permanent structural shoring.

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