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Hydro-electric plants in Idaho

G2B Company played a significant role in the construction and retrofitting of almost all the hydro-electric plants in Idaho, providing specialized geotechnical and concrete construction services to enhance the structural integrity and functionality of these critical power-generating facilities.

Veterans Affairs Medical Center:

Involved in construction projects that likely included structural support, soil stabilization, and possibly specialized grouting to ensure the stability and longevity of the medical center's infrastructure.

National Ecological Observatory Network:

G2B may have provided ground treatment solutions and structural support to facilitate the construction of facilities for ecological research, ensuring minimal environmental impact and long-term sustainability.

Idaho Transportation Department projects:

Likely included soil nailing, excavation shoring, and earth retention services to stabilize and support transportation infrastructure, enhancing safety and durability.

Idaho Power infrastructure projects:

G2B Company provided essential services like structural shotcrete, soil stabilization, and specialized grouting to support and maintain power infrastructure, ensuring reliable energy distribution.

Residential, commercial, and church property solutions:

These projects probably included a range of services like structural support, water containment, and ground treatment solutions to ensure the safety, stability, and longevity of various buildings and structures.

Cell Tower Foundations:

G2B Company would have offered services like excavation shoring, earth retention, and structural support to construct stable foundations for cell towers, especially in challenging or remote locations.

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